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1. You are expected to be respectful to identity and situations. The following behaviors will not be allowed: -Transphobia/homophobia/sexism/racism/etc. -Using slurs. Even ironically -Hate speech or sweeping disrespectful speech towards any group of people -Personal character attacks. -Invalidating or gatekeeping somebody's identity -Posting memes that violate any of the above. Even ironically.
2. You are expected to respect others' privacy. The following behaviors will not be allowed: -Sharing or saving other people's pictures without express permission. -Sharing or saving other people's personal information without express permission. -Dead-naming an individual or demanding information about dead-names. -Suggesting doxing or posting information with the intent to dox.
3. Please use content warnings for any triggering or content sensitive information and do what you can to contain content that is sensitive to those threads. If you are venting and do not want feedback, please specify so that there are no misunderstandings.
4. NSFW content should be appropriately marked. This includes: -Text or images depicting sex or sexual acts -General nudity -Drug discussion -Sex work discussion This instance is 18+ only, but please specify in your bio that you do not want minors to follow you if you are posting directly NSFW content.
5. Please be respectful of others’ triggers. Discussion of triggering content is not banned here, however please use liberal use of content warnings if you believe something might trigger others. When in doubt, use spoilers and content warnings. Asking you to repost with a content warning is not a punishment or personal attack, just a reminder and request. In addition, please be considerate of others' sensory issues. If a GIF or emoji you're posting could reasonably have some kind of seizure warning, please specify in the content warning tags.
The rules above are not all encompassing. Please note that if the mod team agrees on a ban due to behavior that is destructive or against the spirit of the rules- even if it doesn't directly break a rule, a ban will still occur.