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helloooo! tranceguy here! some folks may know me better by different names, but those names are all closely linked.

I've been participating in The Internet™ for quite some time — although much of that time was spent exclusively on dated message boards dedicated to rhythm games (think Dance Dance Revolution and the like).

I'm cis, panromantic, pansexual, and polyamorous. that first part may or may not be work in progress.

feel free to reach out anytime! :blobheart:

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Intro Post, Part 2 

it took me a while for furry to pique my interest; I didn't find my way into related spaces until my mid-20s or so. I'm looking forward to diving in further!

working in something akin to IT has been paying the bills, but I'm not sure what I'll be pursuing next just yet.

some persistent hobbies have been: sharing and listening to music, playing games primarily on Nintendo consoles, watching sports, and picking out less-problematic BL manga titles.

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Intro Post Finale; sorta nsfw; alc, lewd mentions 

I'm big on drinks, to be honest! usually whiskey or wine at home, and draught beer at bars (when feasible).

I likely won't be posting much lewd/horny here, but I may strike up such things in (situational) replies. if you'd be inclined to pursue such topics with me, please shoot me a DM first! and if I get close to overstepping any boundaries, please don't hesitate to inform me.

whew, that's about it for now. thanks for reading!

when will mastodon be upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin???

I think I will stare at the typo in my last post for a while

just remembered that I don't have to only listened to music that was released in 2008-2014. got a bit of catching up to do

lyricspost, general-politics-adjacent 

hello tyrannosaurus, meet tyrannicide

you haven't read your history, have you? just regurgitated lies

and everything taught to you - that no man is too tall

you can grow, but remember: empires always fall

blaseball, caps 

from the shoe thieves, to the shoe thieves:


math post:
having one girl partner and one boy partner means I'm double gay

one of those nights where I wish I had 10 monitors and better internet to watch everyone's twitch streams

super mario bros. 35 screenshot, caps 


song lyrics, alc reference 

🎶 I wanna tell you there's a really good reason why I came home wasted in the middle of the night 🎶

🎶 A tiny kingdom at the bottom of the trees, where I was always a winner, and I was usually right 🎶

super mario bros. 35 screenshot 

gamer time

an untruth 

@axakatl stole my display name

shitpost meta, not masto related, lyrics 

the only jokes I find funny in 2021 start with "walk into the club like"

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