VRChat Photos 

1. (Last week) @Zest disliking the taste of the vapes in a flower world

2. @sharkNserg and @toydragon enjoying a cuddle on the floor

3. @Zest got full body tracking and immediately was using it for the best activity ever with @chr

4. Just a selfie for fun

VRChat Photos 

A story in four pictures

Pictures taken by @chr on our adventure through the great plateau.

VRChat Meet Pictures 

1. We went to a world where my wings worked. It was incredibly euphoric and I only stopped when my arms started hurting.

2. @sharkNserg showed us Tony Hawk's pants. Then things got worse

3. @Zest, @sharkNserg, and @Liizerd being adorable

4. Even Ember has a dark edgy side.

VRChat Meet Photos 

1. @Liizerd showing her incredible strength by lifting up @sharkNserg

2. Taking sneaky pictures of @Zest and friends through the roof

3. @tiden being everyone's spirit animal

4. The crew after a treasure hunt

A Business Meeting(tm) told via VRChat photos 

1. Ah yes let's start this meeting. First order of business, dragons.
2. *GASP* How can you say that!? Dragons are the meaning of all things.
3. Well, I can say I'm incredibly disappointed in you Stevens. I'm afraid you're going to have to be let go.
4. I cannot bear to look at you. Security, remove him from my sight. Now where were we....

vent improv music on piano 

sax player pretends they can play the piano and vibes on it for 5 minutes as a coping mechanism

New profile picture!

Embrace birb.

Commission by Dupey Draws (@gelo_maee@twitter.com)

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