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Interacting (pinned) 

Please do not interact if you are a minor. I engage with nsfw content

Affection is welcome, but please don't expect anything romantic or sexual out of it

I am incredibly upfront with my feelings and am generally compelled to share positive ones

I tend to overshare. It's always okay to give me limits and boundaries

Oversharing with me is encouraged. The less I have to figure out the better

If I don't engage with a negative topic, I don't hate you, I'm just fragile

rewritten lyrics 

inexplicably large
inexplicably small

i think i know what i want but then oops im too small

and all the while it seems
that im bursting at the seams
not ever small, no not ever small

and all the while it seems that im
underneath my means
not ever tall, no not ever tall


zucchini noodles > regular noodles

happy dragon appreciation week!

think of a dragon. hold them in your mind and spin them around.

you see that dragon? that's a good dragon.

im going to start making sellable vrc avatars, i think. ive been thinking about doing commissions the last few months but honestly just making things that i want to make look good and selling those to whoever sounds like a lot more fun to me.

theres a few things i have floating around - mostly just myself and system members, making a generic version of the avatar to sell and then customizing for myself/the individual.

wish me luck <3

VRChat, ec 

(thank you @demonicdevice for the incredible 4k photos)

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don't forget the true meaning of this day

buff dragon


ill start - i was sitting in a pool in vrc minding my own business cuddling with two much larger rather beautiful dragons and they both started licking me until i started laughing. i laughed so hard and was so overwhelmed that i started squeaking uncontrollably, to the point where people were either laughing with me or asking if i was okay.

dragon licks good

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happpppppppy dragon appreciation day!

for this incredibly special and one of a kind occasion, if you have a story that you'd like to share about dragons please feel free to post it here!

got my large wyvern dragon uploaded into vrchat

if you do not have a dragon couch one will be provided for you

vrchat photos, gun 

1. hanging out with an old friend

2. @OpalSystem starting VRWare in style

3. introducing the old friend to a cuddle pile (@tiden @toydragon @Aetous @demonicdevice)

4. being a plush for @sharkNserg to relax with

happy dragon appreciation day!

be sure to hug and love and appreciate a dragon.

if you dont have a dragon to hug and love and appreciate one will be provided for you.

happy dragon appreciation day!

remember, only 5 days until dragon appreciation day, mark your calendars!

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