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Please do not interact if you are a minor. I engage with nsfw content

Affection is welcome, but please don't expect anything romantic or sexual out of it

I am incredibly upfront with my feelings and am generally compelled to share positive ones

I tend to overshare. It's always okay to give me limits and boundaries

Oversharing with me is encouraged. The less I have to figure out the better

If I don't engage with a negative topic, I don't hate you, I'm just fragile

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It's that time everyone!

It's dragon appreciation day!

"But River" you might ask, "Isn't it always dragon appreciation day?"

And to that I say, with upmost sincerity.

"It better be"

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New profile picture!

Embrace birb.

Commission by Dupey Draws (

there is a severe lack of dragon appreciation on my timeline right now

can we talk about how good dragon tummies are they're like super good

the name of the battle is a spoiler, but TIL that the record I set when the game first came out is still in the top 100 records of all time for Ori and the Will of the Wisps

pretty proud of that

it's really rude of life not to give me four floppy ears and wings and to make me larger than very smol

Remember to be very good to dragons you know, it's the start of dragon appreciation week!

Dragons on the Brain - actually made the song! And I like it. It's a bop.

Lyrics in the caption

VRChat Photos (Meet) 

1. @demonicdevice being absolutely adorable and i couldn't no include this one okay

2. Me pretending im a big cuddle dragon and having everyone crowd around me

3. @toydragon is a good boy

4. Failing to stay away from @zauberin in VRWare

i love this because I know everyone reading this has a different groovy beat but we're all thinking about dragons to a groovy beat together

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gender update 

taking the she out of my pronouns, feels kind of legacy at this point and only was really there because of fear of not being accepted as me

(groovy beat)

dragons on the brain

dra---gons on the brain

dragons on the brain

dra---gons on the brain

rewritten lyrics 

(this is level of concern by twenty one pilots)

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rewritten lyrics 

dragons on the brain
kobirb's gone insane
thinkin about flyin freely

i don't
care what they would say
im askin you too stay
aloft with me, soaring gently

just wonderin
will you be
my great big pair of wings
and is that o-kay with youuuuu

"If you could have any-"

"Petting dragons"

"You didn't let me finish. If you could have any super po-"

"Petting dragons."

"That's not a super power."

"Not yet it isn't."

Every today, tomorrow, and yesterday are the real and official Dragon Appreciation Day.

VRChat - Easy Performance Jump 

Go here:

Follow installation instructions

Use Performance preset

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