so i opened up my unity project for the avali and everything is way out of date. im greeted with the eyes in this configuration

(this isnt directed at anyone just is kind of a mood)

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can we just
👉 👈

be dating except instead of having sex we're best friends and committed to each other

mh drugs, plural 

recently increased our antipsychotic dose and it's once again fundamentally changing the nature of our system and how we've been operating. this is actively scaring some folk but the positive effects of being on drugs that help this much are worth it.

getting a lot of imposter syndrome if mh meds are fundamentally changing the system though. it makes sense intuitively but the concept of identity and self continues to be more and more muddied and i feel less valid


cherry tomatoes are better than ice cream

there should be a mod for Xenoblade where you just have three Reyns in the party and they just go "oh yeah baby" every time they attack.

can't tell if a person says they're really into harry potter is a dog whistle or not at this point

this restaurant is playing Justin Bieber's baby on repeat is this what hell is like

tf, curiosity poll, therian 

Would you rather be able to tf back and forth between a generic version of your self/sona's species or would you rather permanently be your (non-human) self in todays society?

If you could tf as your self, you'd never be able to pass as human.

I definitely ordered one Instagram latte on accident

... but it is very pretty

installed buttons on my controller and now it looks fantastic

huh, today is DID awareness day.

i spent a long time just sitting and trying to make a meaningful post about it.

all i can really say is that i am a person with DID and happiness comes and sits with me often.

mild ph, gay story 

so when we were on the way home from the airport, puppy and i were trying to cuddle in the back seat of a car and they ended up popping their shoulder out of it's socket

luckily i know how to set shoulders and did it in the back seat, they immediately felt better.

car cuddles are dangerous

love that you can just name your electronics whatever you want

real big dragons.
cast a house sized shadow dragons.

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picked up synth riders since it's in a humble bundle and as a rhythm game fan i really like it. it definitely forces you to dance and is a more full body exercise than beat saber.

i think i like it more? beat saber feels like an impress your friends with all them notes game and this is a vibe and dance game

synth riders feels like if beat saber claws mod was a game but the game was made for it.

im happy procreate has a replay option because going back and looking at all the sketches ive erased in a disappointed in myself frenzy, like some of them looked pretty good.

im getting better, probably

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