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welcome to wonderland ill be your guide
holding your hand under sapphire skies
lets go exploring or we could just go for a walk

dancing through a dream underneath the stars
laughing til the morning comes

if this was a dream that at least ive got memories for when morning comes
now that i must leave with a heavy heart
oh wonderland, i love

yeah sure dragons are hot but have you heard of dragons 2?

masto is a group chat application if you believe hard enough

but if you get too close i could also just hug you and lick you you don't know best roll the dice

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if you get too close ill bite you and steal your wallet and add it to my dragon's horde

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lewd, silly 

also id also like to wear that tongue if you know what i mean

if you catch my vibe

if you get my drift

honestly that tongue could just wear me

if you
know what
im sayin

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sunflower seeds are so tastyyyyyyyyy

otter noises consist of mouth pops and random balwhwhwlhhh and howls and the sound of me coming over to hug n cuddle you

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seabold seabold!
water lizard
ocean scalie
kobold whomst gets wet
yip yip

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