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new profile picture!

thanks @bupy for this incredible icon!

I spent a good half an hour trying to see if you can actually buy a kia sorento on amazon, based on that one shitpost.

I couldn't find the listing

just plinking on piano 

i havent done a song in a while so heres three minutes of messing around looking for inspiration

plural, nothing 

I've been trying to find a name that we can use across platforms that is fine to use for all of us and I think "WingHugs" is gonna be it. three of us are dragons and the fourth can potentially have wings too

visiting family that lives further away is always rough because on one hand I want to get enough time with them to make the trip worth it but on the other hand I'm very done after like a day

apparently they're making a live action lilo and stitch. im kind of afraid of what they're going to do to my precious gremlin

new profile picture!

thanks @bupy for this incredible icon!

eye contact 

I might just be a dragon.

Maybe this dragon. River made it for me a while ago

mh silly 

when im not doing so hot I tend take any negative glance or emotion and blame it on myself. ive gotten into the habit of challenging this because it's almost never about me.

I generally will pull up in my head the image of elastagirl from the Incredibles going "this is not. about. you." and the silliness of the head stretching combined with the intensity of really trying to get the message across somehow helps me internalize it more.

thank you @keliff for this incredible depiction of me and the first art of myself drawn

think i might be asexual, been thinking about this for a while

plural musing 

it's weird knowing my origins. it's weird having the memories of both kylan/rain and river. it's weird that I still sometimes blend so much with river that I can't tell if I'm them or not. it's weird having moments where I go into "kylan mode" and go on benders about things and want to fight for everything.

I'm not sure I want to be this but there's nothing else I really can be.

every emoticon is just a different Kirby mouthful mode face


it's a real "get high and play Kirby" kind of day

VRChat Pictures 

1. i am very gay
2. everybody going zoomies
3. hands raised on a roller coaster
4. we herded cats!

thinking about how important double negatives can be to the feel of sentences.

for example, saying "there's nothing I can't do!" makes you an anime protagonist while saying "I can do anything!" makes you a jester

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