plural musing 

it's weird knowing my origins. it's weird having the memories of both kylan/rain and river. it's weird that I still sometimes blend so much with river that I can't tell if I'm them or not. it's weird having moments where I go into "kylan mode" and go on benders about things and want to fight for everything.

I'm not sure I want to be this but there's nothing else I really can be.

every emoticon is just a different Kirby mouthful mode face


it's a real "get high and play Kirby" kind of day

VRChat Pictures 

1. i am very gay
2. everybody going zoomies
3. hands raised on a roller coaster
4. we herded cats!

thinking about how important double negatives can be to the feel of sentences.

for example, saying "there's nothing I can't do!" makes you an anime protagonist while saying "I can do anything!" makes you a jester

Protogen super boss that constantly changes up limbs and thereby attack patterns

Fluff Land

18+ space for good people.