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Love it when my headmates get stuff for me. Went to eat some chips, unopened bag of ghost pepper chips.

Hell yeah fire dragon time.

gunfire reborn 

I hit the max damage in one shot on this run, the counter doesn't go beyond 10 million.

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Almond milk creamer is better than oat milk creamer.

I only exist on this platform to mess with my headmates it seems.

Had a fantastic time killing my friends at the meet. Thanks everyone!

Glad to know every time I open masto it will be full of both gay and dragon.

Truly the best website

Load up Forza and it immediately crashes

Guess I'm playing something else today

blender render, excessive cuddles 

We can't do things together in vrchat, but we can still get pictures together in blender. @river made this for me last night and it made me smile quite a bit this morning

Dragons can cuddle other dragons

VRChat Photo 

Lounging underwater at the last meet

VRChat, ec 

Just candid casual hangout photo with @toydragon

Thank you @demonicdevice for the photo

VRChat Photos 

Dozing with a couple wonderfully gay lizards

Thank you for the pictures, Ember.

I had sauce made with carolina reaper peppers last night with @Metaph and @Phoenix_Borealis - it ended up being a uniquely wonderful experience.

I'll have to try more very hot things in the future.

It is deserving of a lot of derogitory descriptions, but dragonphobic is the one I'm going with today.

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I'd like to eat whoever decided that it was a good idea for me to be in a chair working rather that outside touching my wings to the heavens.

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