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Lounging underwater at the last meet

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Just candid casual hangout photo with @toydragon

Thank you @demonicdevice for the photo

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Dozing with a couple wonderfully gay lizards

Thank you for the pictures, Ember.

I had sauce made with carolina reaper peppers last night with @Metaph and @Phoenix_Borealis - it ended up being a uniquely wonderful experience.

I'll have to try more very hot things in the future.

It is deserving of a lot of derogitory descriptions, but dragonphobic is the one I'm going with today.

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I'd like to eat whoever decided that it was a good idea for me to be in a chair working rather that outside touching my wings to the heavens.

Feathered wyverns are both adorable and good.

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Missed @starseeker, got her little head poking out

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Wingless dragons and winged kobolds. Very good.

I want to horde kobolds like kobolds horde rocks, look proudly upon my horde and excitedly tell stories about each one.

Pretty sure one session could power all of new york for the next year.

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New sustainable energy idea:
20 kobolds, one dragon, have the dragon praise the kobolds, capture the energy from the vibrations

Is there a mod for life where I can just spend it in VR being dragon instead?

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