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Interacting with me (pinned post) 

No minors.

Don't touch me without explicit permission. It's okay to ask.

Flirting fine if we've met.

Lewd is fine if I know you. I will not lewd at you unless the door has already been opened.

I say and do stupid shit sometimes and it's always good to call me out on it.

I'm very protective of my close friends and headmates, and sometimes go too hard on that. It's also okay to call me out on this.

"I only get cold when it's cold outside"

He said indignantly, thinking there was a point being made.

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it's good to give your dragon lots of care, a tended to dragon is a loved dragon :KoboldUwU: ( @chr )

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who wants to start an Imagine Dragons cover band called Consider Kobolds

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I should probably post about this. Gotta make the timeline as gay as possible.

I am dating @Zest.

cbd, mh~, dragon-y 

vaping CBD slowly out my nose makes me feel very dragon

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Cookie clicker shitpost 

This has been achieved so far by making approximately 49,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cookies per second.

Capitalism is dumb

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Cookie clicker shitpost 

I currently have approximately 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cookies.

plural, headphone sound shitpost 

river, posting yesterday: I wanted to try something flat and analytical, not the V shape

also river: can you please tune the headphones so that it's not so harsh at points it's keeping me from staying relaxed

The profile I ended up with that they liked.

Oh yes, not V shaped.

update on near earbuds nobody asked for 

After using my foam tips instead of the silicon these are absolutely perfect for clarity and everything. Love these things. Mega hype.

river and their partner have started calling me "purple" and I hate/love it.

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plural shit 

God so I'm not used to taking selfies but putting the recent one into our selfies/transition folder is like, holy shit we all wear the body so differently.

Like idk we live with a system and I can tell the difference between them just by their passive expression and eyes but seeing it on ourselves is really weird.

Had a really interesting talk with my straight guy friend about who he finds attractive and like, I'm obviously not but two of the girls in our system are. Same body.

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