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based on current trends river and Kylan are likely to be largely unavailable this week. ill be handling things and out most of the week, please feel free to reach out :)

we're fine and everything's okay/will be okay.


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plural, mh~ 

Hey all.

I'm probably done fronting. Trying to become anything other than someone who takes care of people inside the head has been a futile attempt. There's very little reason for me to be out, and I've genuinely found purpose and love helping those I share a body with.

I appreciate everyone who has helped me over this time. It's always okay to ask for me, but I'll unlikely be out of my own volition.

Thank you all.

Had an issue with Matrix client that basically caused most rooms we were in to be left. Please reinvite river, Kylan, and Otter to your DMs if you use that platform. Apologies.

Friends of ours that interact with more than one of us often - is it helpful or annoying that the common fronters have seperate accounts?


We've been reorganizing and some of the stability we've enjoyed the last few months is slipping. It's for a good cause but I apologize if things are a little jarring. This does not have to do with mental or emotional health, we just need to retrain the brain a little. I'll be on the shared account for a little while today. - Aela

Please direct communication at the "kin" accounts today. I will not be checking everyone's accounts.

Protogen tummies are the meaning of life


Decommissioning an exchange server is fun because you get to violently tear it apart piece by piece which is a satisfying death considering how I feel about exchange in general.

Posting more than Kylan does but refusing to make my own account because I refuse to acknowledge I like attention is today's mood.



Shared Accounts
Discord: Kin#0930
Masto: @kindred

Discord: River#7223
Masto: @river

Discord: Otter!#5041
Masto: @otter

Discord: Kylan#7327
Masto: @kylan

Discord: Kaylee#5456

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its so fucked up that like 99% of americans are scared to criticize Israel even when it's doing blatant ethnic cleansing in front of their eyes


How have I been on this for three years and just now noticed.

This is my only social media account left. Stress relief good.

incest, birdsite 

I probably should delete my twitter. I just wrote a reply to a meme that compared incest to racism and pedophilia, saying it's not particularly comparable because it generally involves two consenting adults.

And then I remembered I was on Twitter. Oops.

We're on Matrix now!

Just found this plastic stuff called InstaMorph where you can take a heat gun or hair dryer to it and it becomes like putty, but then it hardens a lot when you let it cool.

Gonna make all sorts of jank accessories with it.

Fellas is it gay to enter into a long term relationship with someone who shares your gender and cuddle and stuff

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