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Fellas is it gay to enter into a long term relationship with someone who shares your gender and cuddle and stuff

Feeling frisky. Might delete my Twitter idk

Fluff dragon sona commission incoming. Very excited

VRC Photos 

Otter all night, someone spewing emojis off the railing, and some candids of @k

vrchat photos 

It was so cute watching Otter run around with her new avatar today. She was so thrilled. It's not done yet but really wholesome time.

ALVR is making a Linux version, meaning Linux VR will soon be possible with the Quest 2.

I'm hype.

Bravely Default 2 is worth your time if you like the mechanics and music of the others and are willing to sit through piles of overused garbage as far as story and characters go.

smash brossssss 

Really satisfying spike

They named an NPC after me in an MMO that I play (Dungeons and Dragons Online) and I ruined it with a meme:


Now that I'm not sick and can play beat saber again after a month of being sick, I really wanna start streaming it regularly.

Maybe when I build up strength back to where I was so I actually beat the maps I was beating before instead of, you know, failing on my warmup song like I did today.

Oculus Quest 2 review conclusion 

For the record, beat saber over quest link feels better than beat saber over virtual desktop feels better than native quest 2 beat saber.

I don't know why it's such a bad port, but it's a bad port.

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Oculus Quest 2 review conclusion 

Quest 2 is a good follow up and trading it was a good idea. I sold my Rift S on /r/hardwareswap super easily and it paid for my Quest 2.

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Oculus Quest 2 review continued 

Native games tracking is fine, except beat saber feels off for some reason. Over virtual desktop, tracking should be great for 99% of games - I was able to play expert plus on beat saber but it does feel a tad jello-y when you're going that fast.

Over the wire, it feels identical to the Rift S. Video example of tracking just killing it on a wide n fast beat saber song. When I recorded this I was sure to swing wider than normal. Misses were my own.

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Oculus Quest 2 review continued 

Wireless via Virtual Desktop is fantastic for most games. The visuals and tracking are without issues and hand tracking carries through for specific use cases. I thought I'd enjoy beat saber playing directly on the quest 2, but it feels terrible compared to desktop even over quest link. Beat Saber is really the only game I will need the wire for.

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I traded my Rift S for an Oculus Quest 2, a comparison 

Quest 2 is incredibly good visually. Even streamed over Wifi or cable, it looks better than the Rift S. The higher frame rate is great but the improved clarity is massive.

Comfort: The Quest 2's default strap I find more comfortable than the Rift S's halo strap. I don't really see a need to replace the default strap, though a lot of people report that it doesn't work well for them.


Also I get to put tasty mint flavored e-juice in my mouth all day and puff happy clouds and that's pretty great.

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When I was younger I had a lot of therapy. I was put on a bunch of drugs, none of them worked particularly well. Recently I've switched to CBD which is something that has been inaccessible to me for a long while, and the amount of good it's done in my life to remove stress and anxiety has been huge.

I really hate how much suffering could have been alleviated if the stigma wasn't a thing. I know there are many others like me.

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