@Zest I'd imagine you'd be pretty great at making very cute things that people would want to adopt.


executive function and burnout 

@k Yeah adhd is a big deal and people need to stop pretending it's a thing that only kids get and is solved in childhood.

@zauberin @keliff It would be hard to find something that apples don't go with. Good choice :)

Wanna read a funny joke? 

@toydragon 10/10

@k Well you see...


Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Protogen tummies are the meaning of life


Decommissioning an exchange server is fun because you get to violently tear it apart piece by piece which is a satisfying death considering how I feel about exchange in general.

@k gasp what I've been attentioned what is this feeling what have you done

Posting more than Kylan does but refusing to make my own account because I refuse to acknowledge I like attention is today's mood.


@k that looks great and the ink thing is also super cool

Nerdery re: Linux and plan9 

@k yup


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@kat If you've never played any it might be a bit overwhelming.

I will say at least 2 is worth playing for most people - it's great. I'm a pretty big fan of Kingdom Hearts but I am pretty hyper aware of the flaws in the series

Nerdery re: Linux and plan9 

@k I have been using Linux for 18 years and I don't know what this means.

@Zest Sleepy cuddles and being lazy and snacks and nuzzles

HRT , small celebration 

@Gumby Nice :)

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