vrc avatar, synth 

@keliff Synth be lookin built.

Fluff dragon sona commission incoming. Very excited

@kat The twins are my favorite characters in FFXIV. I stopped playing a while ago but those two are so wonderful.

@kat I'm late but hi you're a cute awesome person

VRC Photos 

Otter all night, someone spewing emojis off the railing, and some candids of @k

vrchat photos 

It was so cute watching Otter run around with her new avatar today. She was so thrilled. It's not done yet but really wholesome time.

@keliff There hasn't been a game that has effected me as deeply

@keliff If you want to get absolutely existentially screwed up - LISA the Painful.

@kat People with DID (not all plural people, even) range from 1-3% of the population last I checked. It's just not something that people tend to be public about because there's a huge stigma. There's been a lot more acceptance lately for plural people so people are feeling more comfortable presenting as multiple.

ALVR is making a Linux version, meaning Linux VR will soon be possible with the Quest 2.

I'm hype.

PSA on my nudes 

@Gumby Yeah I think it's good of you :)

10/10 best rat. Hope things are good.

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