VRC Photos 

Otter all night, someone spewing emojis off the railing, and some candids of @k

vrchat photos 

It was so cute watching Otter run around with her new avatar today. She was so thrilled. It's not done yet but really wholesome time.

smash brossssss 

Really satisfying spike

Oculus Quest 2 review continued 

Native games tracking is fine, except beat saber feels off for some reason. Over virtual desktop, tracking should be great for 99% of games - I was able to play expert plus on beat saber but it does feel a tad jello-y when you're going that fast.

Over the wire, it feels identical to the Rift S. Video example of tracking just killing it on a wide n fast beat saber song. When I recorded this I was sure to swing wider than normal. Misses were my own.

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VRChat Photos 

@k doing the classic pose

Mysterious room found under our normal lounge

The room has some strange stalactites sticking out!

Kobolds flock around their dragon.

Thank you to @tranceguy for commissioning a banner for fluff.land! The banner was done by @quasarbunart@twitter.com and is adorable :)

VRChat Selfies 2: Electric Boogaloo, ec 

So I've been working all day to get the model exactly where I want it andddddd I think I've done it. Here's some more selfies and showing off the tail. There was a lot of learning but I really like how everything turned out!

Genshin Impact 

Genshin Impact character design tier list all opinions are fact don't @ me

VRChat Selfies 

I made a model I can use at furry meetups finally. They're not perfect but they're good enough for me :)

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