Headmates that aren't River have been discussing the idea of no longer fronting. To let them live and love, be supports for them, and try to find fulfillment in the dream of headspace. While River has always opposed this, today everyone else came to them with this ask and River reluctantly agreed.

River will be closed to switching passively. If you need someone else, please ask River. This isn't functionally permanent but many of us hope it effectively is.

Thank you for loving us.


This strategy failed, and failed quickly.

Please disregard this, things will resume as they have been, and we will find other ways to address what issues we were trying to solve.

I apologize if we made anyone panic or otherwise feel negative emotions.


@kindred I hope you have wonderful lives.

Some people here have decided they prefer living in headspace too. I wish you the best as I do them. :dragnheart:

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