Bravely Default 2 is worth your time if you like the mechanics and music of the others and are willing to sit through piles of overused garbage as far as story and characters go.

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@kindred I never played the first one but out of curiosity was willing to try the demo of the second. And then the demo is like "To start, we completely skip you past the introduction where you learn about the characters, setting, and basic mechanics and just dump you into the game with a full party, good luck" and I'm like "Welp. Deleted."

@mythicfox that's funny. You'd think the demo would be a good intro.

Bravely Second still an S tier game for me, though.

@kindred It was the reputation the first one has that got me to look at the second. I was just turned off by a demo where the first thing they expect you do is go into the game's menus and basically read the manual.

@mythicfox well if you ever get an inkling for it bravely default and bravely second are both pretty easy to emulate if you have a decent computer or a real good phone, I can throw the roms your way if ever needed =P

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