I grew up with coffee being off limits, and I didn't like it when I first tried.

Now it's like, ah yiss gimme that sour chocolate drink.

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@kindred welcome to the land of black coffee, do you have opinions on roasts and grinders yet? ☕

@k Nope! Absolutely up for recommendations though

@kindred I recommend picking an opinion arbitrarily and then being snobby about it, that’s what I see most folks do

jk jk, to get started I got a decent burr grinder and a french press, and just started experimenting with whole beans from my local supermarket. A good grind on freshly roasted beans will already get you pretty far.

I haven’t actually moved past that lol 🤷

@k @kindred In my extensive coffee experience, while a burr grinder (which really is better than a blade grinder) and french press aren't the *pinnacle,* that combo is the sweet spot of hassle versus quality. I personally find that making 'better' coffee is slightly too much trouble to be worth the effort unless you're some sort of mutant supertaster.

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