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Hey there. I'm River, a nebulous blob.

I'm fond of a lot of things, some of my more prevalent likes include Smash Bros, technology, finding new music, action RPGs, and just existing in nature.

I'm also really fond of political theory and have read and researched quite a bit on that front.

I love bringing people together, and have been building and moderating communities for 10 years.

If you ever want to chat with me, send the message without thinking. I love it.

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Intro Post 

I'm agender but have also gone through a medical transition.

I'm all set on partners, and I'm not one to fall for people easily. I'm sorry if I'm flirty on accident! I sometimes do that without realizing.

I do like cuddles and hugs but please ask first.

If I say something offensive or ignorant, it's absolutely not on purpose and I welcome good faith criticism.

I have an extremely low tolerance for toxicity. If you're in that mood, please don't interact.

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