Assistance request 

so, uh, we... need some help. our one partner who can work is in the hospital and likely will be for several days, which is gonna really hurt our income for this month, and we need some help buying food and groceries and stuff

anything helps

explicit furry art :over18: exposed dragon titties (several) 

....and of course, without the convenient cloud modesty:

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Mature furry art: wyvern panties 

Commission for of an easy nostalgia trip.

Battery charge error. Battery critical. Shutdown imminent

said cat can obviously tell we're not feeling well, has been super affectionate all night.

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that thing cats do when they sleep with one paw over their face is so adorable

there is a sleepy cat sleeping on a bed next to me and she's so adorable.

i miss when if you were stuck in a video game you could get a written explanation instead of a 40 minute gameplay video

i'm finding that the space core is the most relatable character in all of portal 2 today

One of the worst UI design crimes in our current day and age is elements that appear but then reposition themselves as the page loads

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