we refuse to play farming sim games without this one cabless autonomous tractor concept modded in. first off b/c it's a pretty dang beautiful tractor, and second off b/c it's a good dose of synthetic/robot/ai identity euphoria. why drive the tractor when you can *be* the tractor.

no mans sky screenshot 

this planet is *extremely* orange.

one of our favorite nms "they didn't have to put this in and it's a neat detail we appreciate" things has always been that when you launch an expedition with your fleet you can actually follow them around from system to system as they do stuff.

today's update made it so you can see npc frigates zooming around on their own expeditions, and occasionally on a planet's surface you'll just hear a warp drive exit sound and suddenly boom frigate

we got given an extremely *us* trans pride dragon shirt :3

Fluff Land

18+ space for good people.