been having a lot of synthy kinfeels lately. found a game where you're an AI terraforming mars with an army of little robots and it's adorable.

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@ikrupp imagine a game where you're a synth dragon terraforming mars with the help of lots of synth kobolds <3

-- denise hyena

@aearo Per Aspera

it's a pretty darn good lil strategy game.

references to That One Rich Jerk Rocket Guy 

@aearo tbh our only real problem so far is that it, like all mars related stuff out right now, is a bit too far up in Elon Musk's nonsense like nuking the poles or hyperloops for long distance transport and we're like "just build a damn train"


Game where you're a super intelligent AI who's job is to make as many paperclips as possible:

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