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*grumbles* always lovely to wake up to a mess that has to be cleaned up

new profile picture!

thanks @bupy for this incredible icon!

dall-e is an impressive technological marvel, but DID YOU KNOW: for a nominal fee, you can hire unfathomably talented artists living in poverty to render any and all of your invasive thoughts NO QUESTIONS ASKED

hardspace shipbreaker status: incredibly good. incredibly pro-union. we love.

Neurodivergent lesbians r like *calls u "stimmy" as a compliment*

ever have one of those days you hear so much good news back to back to back that it just completely overwhelms you?

it's nice to have one of those in the midst of everything else going on atm.


kobold has hot choccy :3

assistance request, semi-urgent 

hi, we could really use some food money tonight. our partners @pillowcat just got done with a traffic court hearing that punished them for something that wasn't really their fault and we want to get something to give them a rest so they don't have to cook tonight and can sort of recover from the bad news
-zara 🐍 🐉

boosts appreciated

former kobold turned dragon whomst forgets just how big she is now on occasion

heckin *score*. managed to get more A/C for our house for this summer for a wildly low price.

Our entire system is dragons. The kobolds are just tiny chaos dragons.

Begpost, please boost 

If you're feeling generous, money has been tight since I left my abusive workplace. I’m preparing to move out at the end of May, so anything you can give to help me make that process easier I would be extremely thankful for, because I’m going to need help getting my stuff out, and gas alone is nightmarishly expensive. Additionally I have medical bills and car repair costs I could really use help paying off. 💜

Thank you again, any amount is so so so so appreciated <3

kin stuff, language 

@GrayGhost have to say, i'd never seen the word quiogenic used before and am glad i saw you use it because it's pretty useful term to describe how i feel about my own origins

been having a lot of synthy kinfeels lately. found a game where you're an AI terraforming mars with an army of little robots and it's adorable.

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