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When my boyfriend and I decided to enter a relationship last Halloween, there was a special moon out that night... and with him being a Midnight Lycanroc, it was really fitting!

This is a super important piece for us, done by @koriArredondo on birdsite, and, it makes me so, so, so indescribably happy to see it done so well ;w;

took prince philip long enough, jeez. good riddance ✨

finally adding "among us" and "suspicious" to the list of phrases permanently ruined by the internet, right along with "sans" and "hit or miss"

sona, eye contact 

Catch the rainbow! 🌈 🐶 ✨

Done by @misqticall on birdsite!

sona, eye contact 

Guess who has a new ref sheet???

Courtesy of @TrashCorgi on birdsite!


i wish i didnt have to remind myself of my own existence

sometimes it feels like i dont.

While I'm here, may I interest any of you in one (1) Demyx Kingdom Hearts?

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got put in twitter jail on my main for sending a gif of a guillotine to a senator who danced as she condemned hundreds of thousands of people to starvation, how's everyone else?

is it really that hard to get a call center/customer representative job that isn't some MLM/pyramid scheme?

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Looking at art of your OC is like holding an animal up to a mirror and going, "It's you! :)" and watching them get all excited except you're doing it to yourself

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at least over here, people cw their posts before tossing triggering garbage onto people's timelines

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Kin's 2020 Video Game Awards Thread 

#1 Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori 1 was my favorite game before. This is my new one. Better movement, combat, darker, everything is just cranked up more in this. This game is a triumph, and any person who enjoys video games as an experience should experience it.

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meta, debating leaving masto 

On top of all that, I'm barely here as is. I wasn't all that active when Snouts was around and that hasn't improved since, and the only reason I stick around is because of the friends I've made here

Besides them, there's just... nothing here for me, at all.

It's not that I have a problem with the local instance, it's the platform altogether ;;

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meta, Debating leaving Masto 

Honestly it feels like there's just... nothing to offer on the platform at all, especially with the death of Snouts.

It's like being on this big empty Discord server that sometimes busts with activity but only when there's more white leftist infighting.

And hearing some of the people here stalking and harassing people on birdsite for criticizing their behaviour towards BIPOC makes me not want to associate at *all*

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Thank you to @tranceguy for commissioning a banner for! The banner was done by and is adorable :)

jack dorsey 

45 could've been removed ages ago from all these platforms but they only chose *now* to get rid of him

these spineless cowards deserve every bit of suffering that comes to them and thensome. i hope they all burn.

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jack dorsey 

I look forward to dancing on Jack Dorsey's grave while he burns in the deepest pits of Hell.

Every death this administration caused is on his hands, too.

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Why I like star trek tng:

1%: characters, plot, acting
99%: 4:3 aspect ratio, bright flat lighting, soothing enterprise background hum and door swish noise

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